Have a big idea? We would love to make something custom, personal and perfect just for you! We'll get some more details and follow up with you via email within 3-5 business days with a build time and price estimate!

Starting Pricing:
(We know it's helpful to see starting prices; we've noted base pricing for our most popular sizes. Please note, these are subject to change based on your unique request.)

12": $50
18": $65
24": $85
36": $125

8x8: $35
16x16: $70
24x24: $90
36x36: $125


8x16: $58
12x24: $70
16x26: $90
4x36: $145
24x48: $175


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If you don't know a specific size, we find it helpful to think about where you'd like this piece to hang. That can help determine the overall size of the piece. Are you hanging it over a king size bed? Over a crib? Maybe in that small wall in your kitchen? We can make recommendations on sizing but find it's helpful to know what constraints we may be working within.
Some variations you can consider: frame color, text color, backer style (shiplap, smooth, wood, etc.) Do you like block letters or cursive? Please give as much detail as possible. If you're open to ideas, just let us know and we'll send a few variations to consider!
If it's helpful, we've noted starting prices.
Be as specific as possible. It will help me give you an accurate build time and price quote.
Custom Wooden Signs